Jun 30, 2015

Global Galvanizing Awards 2015

The Global Galvanizing Awards recognise the innovative use of galvanized steel by architects, engineers and steel constructors. These awards have been held in conjunction with the industry’s global forum – Intergalva 2015.

45 projects were entered through the national and regional galvanizers associations across the world. The projects have been reviewed in two separate judging processes:

‘Judges’ Award’ that has been judged by a panel from the world of architecture and design.

‘Industry Award’ that has been voted by the global galvanizing industry through the participating associations.

The judging panel was:

Jan-Carlos Kucharek (Senior Editor, Royal Institute of British Architects Journal)

Silvio D’Ascia (Silvio D’Ascia Architects)

Matthew Wells (Techniker)

Projects were evaluated for their effective and innovative use of galvanizing in architecture and civil engineering, as well as the functionality and aesthetics of the structure. Special attention was also given to demonstration of the contribution of galvanizing to sustainable construction. The entrant’s approach towards galvanizing and its incorporation in the design stages was also considered important. In addition, the judges have identified four Highly Commended and the highest placed projects from each participating association have been identified as Shortlisted projects and are included in this booklet. They are excellent examples of the growing use of galvanizing in architecture and civil engineering across the world. We hope that they will serve as an inspiration to others.

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