Aug 7, 2012

9th Asia Pacific General Galvanizing Conference

The Asia Pacific General Galvanizing Association (APGGA) is proud to present the 9th Asia Pacific General Galvanizing Conference to be held at the Marina Bay Resort, Singapore, from the 8th to 11th September 2013.

This conference is recognised as a major galvanizing event and includes one of the largest trade exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region.

Topics to be covered under the theme "Best Practice for the Galvanizing Industry" will include: environmental issues and solutions, marketing of hot dip galvanizing, new galvanizing plant technologies, corrosion related to steel, innovation end uses of hot dip galvanized steel, new and upcoming safety regulations and standards, galvanizing and sustainability and efficiencies achieved in the galvanizing process.

For more information please go to the conference website here.