Galvanize 62 – Galvanized Reinforcement

Galvanized reinforcement in major infrastructure

Where it is considered that normal reinforced concrete will not have adequate durability, galvanized reinforcement is often used in preference to conventional steel reinforcement.

While concrete itself provides natural corrosion protection to steel this may be lost as a result of aggressive species from more severe environments through the coating cover.

Galvanized steel reinforcement was first used on marine piers in 1953 and has become widely used for increased protection in such circumstances.

The following article is an example of this use.

Hot dip galvanized coatings are usually applied to steel that is already fabricated. However, in a major project now under construction in Singapore, this convention is being reversed. For this project, steel in the form of loosely-coiled wire bar, is being galvanized then formed around large mandrels into cages that become the steel reinforcement for sections of large diameter concrete pipe


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