Galvanize 64 – Environmental Sensitivity and Performance

Architectual engineering and landscape designers are great innovators. Innovative designs require materials and protection technologies that are versatile and sensitive to all environments, yet are durable and minimise the need for ongoing maintenance. After-fabrication hot dip galvanizing technology has been used to protect steel for over 170 years. In fact, hot dip galvanizing has been used to protect almost every type of steel structure and fabrication imaginable. In Australia, there are examples of hot dip galvanizing that have managed to survive in the harshest conditions for 130 years.

As our cities become denser and expand, the selection of materials for use in the built environment will require innovative and sensitive design that should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also need to withstand the rigours of everyday use by those in the community. Designers are beginning to appreciate the fact that galvanized steel is a material with superior corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and environmentally friendly qualities.


Galvanize 64 – Download here