Galvanize 66 – Galvanized Steel on the Coast

Galvanized Steel on the Coast: Back to the Future Architects, engineers, specifiers and end users often ask for proof of past performance when they are considering materials for use in specific situations. This is a wise thing – the best indicator of future performance is past performance and the longer the material has been performing in a given environment, then all the better.

Everyone has a natural inclination to use the latest product available. In our everyday lives, the latest is marketed as the best. However, communities, asset owners and end users value reliability, ease of use and the minimisation of ongoing costs above all else. Economics, durability, reduced maintenance, the reduction of pressure on finite resources, sustainability and recyclability are all now part of the value chain when decisions on infrastructure and construction are made. In this environment, it is the material that is proven over a long period of time and over a wide variety of applications that is selected.


Galvanize 66 – Download Here