Galvanize 78 – ASI Galvanizing Excellence Awards and Sorel Award Winners

Recently the Australian Steel Institute invited their members to submit entries to their biennial Steel Awards. For the first […]

Galvanize 77 – Galvanizing Projects

The hot dip galvanized (HDG) treatment of the building frame and racking of an innovative dry storage facility for watercraft […]

Galvanize 76 Changes to AS/NZS 2312 on HDG

The new Part 2 of the AS/NZS 2312 Standard on hot dip galvanizing (HDG) allows designers to more accurately […]

Galvanize 75 Local Engineered Solutions

Four engineered solutions feature in this edition of Galvanize: two retaining walls; one in a new residential estate […]

Galvanize 74 – Sorel Award Entries

Station works for a major railway electrification project in South Australia attracted this year’s Sorel Award for Galvanizers […]

Galvanize 73 – HDG Steel = Freedom for Flair

The galvanized finish has long been associated with highly functional structures, a readily recognisable appearance and a long […]

Galvanize 72 – HDG Steel = Durable Steel

No other protective coating for steel provides the long life, durability, and predictable performance of hot dip galvanizing. […]

Galvanize 71 – Sorel Award winners 2011

The winner of the Sorel Award 2011 for Industry Innovation was announced at the Galvanizers Association of Australia’s […]