Economics of Galvanized Reinforcement in Concrete

When the costs and consequences of corrosion damage to a reinforced concrete building are analysed, the extra cost of galvanizing is small. It can be regarded as an ‘insurance premium’, but a premium which is low and need be paid once only.  While the cost of galvanizing may be up to 50% of the cost of the steel, the cost of galvanized reinforcement as a percentage of total building cost is much lower than generally realised. It can be as little as 0.5%, depending on the nature of the structure. For most structures, even in the most aggressive environments, the use of galvanized reinforcement can be confined to the exposed surfaces and critical structural elements such as:

• Thin precast cladding elements

• Facades of prestigious buildings

• Surface exposed beams and columns

• Window and door surrounds

• Prefabricated units

• External facades of buildings near the sea coast

• Architectural features.